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Roundrush is not just another workflow management platform. It’s a whole new agile methodology that merges the best practices from SCRUM, KANBAN, TDD, XP inheriting precepts of OKRs and Shu-Ha-Ri, and providing your team with a quality workflow that day after day instructs them on how to deliver high-end products.
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Create, manage and review your team’s tasks


Set your OKRs and easily track your objectives


Add tasks to backlog and plan multiple iterations with you team


Donwload advanced reports to analyze performances

Roundrush is a cutting-edge SaaS platform, developed with React.js, Node.js, Apollo, GraphQL, Typescript, GoLang with a full micro-services oriented architecture.
Designed to improve not only your workflow but moreover the quality of your deliveries. 
Your QA team will get the best from it.
Roundrush is a tool for project managers, developers, software architects, designers and other IT professional. It’s the chainlink between who organizes and who develops!
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Features shaped around Tech / IT teams

Personal board

Working on a project board allows you to see the big picture, how every teammate works to achieve objectives, but when you work on several projects at the same time, you are obbliged to switch between them and it becomes difficult to prioritize your activies. Here it come the Personal Board, helping you to manage all your tasks, cross projects, in one place.
🎉  Manage all your activities cross projects in one place

Modules Dependencies

Working in team is always the best way to success but when it comes to bigger teams with several roles and responsability, it is crucial to find the right process to make things done right at the right time. With dependencies you’ll be able to set a strict process that involve all team members in oder to realese stable projects on time.
🎉  Develop quality-oriented, deliver only quality products

Priority Rescheduling

These weeks are so hard you have filled the entire board with new urgent tasks, minute after minute. So what happened to the priority of previous tasks? Don’t worry, Roundrush will recommend you how to reschedule them and all you’ll need to do will be to click a button!
🎉  Automation and AI to make your work more productive

Code Environment

Every agile teammate is able to detect and point out in which phase of the deployment the code currently is, by identifying and labeling issues with development, staging and production environments.
🎉  Follow the process from development to delivery

Shared Board

Roundrush let you invite your clients on your board, without registration needed. You can decide what to show them that is more relevant and what to hide.
Share your amazing work with them!
🎉  Share your amazing projects. No registration required

RoundRush is Agile


A Round is a 1 or 2 weeks micro-iteration where the effort per head is allocated during last retrospective meeting of the previous iteration.
Use a Round when you want to keep quality and AVG commitment in maintaining and organically progressing on your requirements.
This kind of iteration is perfect if you want to have weekly hooks and a perfect grip on development of your features.
Immutability of issues included in the iteration is not mandatory, but strongly recommendend to avoid side-effects on your initial plans.


A Rush is an ongoing, Kanban-like iteration, that starts whenever it makes sense and should last maximum 4 weeks.
Use a Rush when you want to focus on a single key goal: some good examples could be, improving coverage of automated tests, incoming delivery, implementing a game changer new feature or launch a set of related functionality.
The team will work more than usual, “rushing” into achievement of the key goal; use the rush leaderboard to track top 3 resources who strongly contributed reviewing and developing issues from the backlog.
It’s strongly recommended to run only 1 rush each 6 weeks, considering the team needs to recover energies after a rush.
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RoundRush is free to use, tweaked and optimized after years of usage among many high-tech small-medium enterprises and Agile teams.

Developed by Lasting Dynamics: The Italian software house ranked
#1st on Clutch and The Manifest

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